Open Request for Information

How should a company or individual register with the Sahana Software Foundation?

There is no formal registration process. The RFI requested you to provide SSF with a list of experience and qualifications (CVs or resumes for individuals), along with your rates and references. See the Opportunities page for details as to the skill sets we are looking for and requirements of the RFI.

Why did you ask for rates? I do not know / am not comfortable quoting a rate?

The Sahana Software Foundation (SSF) is a non-profit organization without significant independent funding; our ability to pay commercial rates is unlikely. SSF seeks to offer reasonable and affordable rates to our customers, who are usually operating with limited public financing. The reason we requested to be quoted rates was three-fold: 1) understanding where the market is for the services we desired 2) as a starting point for negotiating with respondents; and 3) to put us in position to be able to better respond to future project opportunities.

What will you offer as pay rates?

For several pending projects, we have already quoted a price to customers and will have little to no flexibility to renegotiate individual rates. When we advertise for these positions, these (non-negotiable) rates will be shared with you. Please only respond/apply if you are willing to accept the rate offered.

There may be adjustments in what we are able to offer in the future based on the results of the RFI and the agreements we make with respondents as a result of it.

When do I start?

The Sahana Software Foundation submits project proposals to government, humanitarian organization and other grant-issuing entities.  Once projects are approved/accepted/funded, we will be publicly advertising for all positions that need to be filled.

How do I apply for positions?

Instructions on how to apply will be distributed along with these opportunity listings, which will be posted on our website under the Opportunities page on our website.

Should I continue to volunteer or wait for project work?

The issuance of the RFI does not mean that SSF is abandoning volunteer-based contributions. Please continue to volunteer and contribute to the community projects. Being an active contributor familiar with the current state of our codebase will be a giant + when we make decisions on staffing projects.

What happens next?

A few things. If necessary, we will be in touch with all those who have responded to get more information from you so we can pre-screen you for positions. We will be reviewing your qualifications and references and interviewing you if we believe that there is a potential good fit. We may look to set up standby or bench arrangements with companies and individuals who will agree to provide SSF with a labor at pre-negotiated agreed rates. Finally, we will be advertising all positions when there is a funding commitment and start date. You will then be invited to apply for these positions. Being pre-screened will certainly be of benefit. Most of all, please be patient and wait to hear from us.

What should I do now?

Two things: 1), Please be patient and wait to hear from us. We have not forgotten about you. Your receipt of an e-mail confirms that you are on our list. 2) if you have not responded with all of the elements requests – such as specifying which of the technical skills you have – or providing references or a CV, please do send that information in. It will save us time in asking you for it before we proceed.