Report a Bug or make a Feature Request

We welcome bug reports submitted by users and developers, as well as suggestions for changes in features or functionality. By providing feedback, you help us to provide you with better software in future releases. A helpful report will include the exact version and release of Sahana you are working with, details as to your environment, steps to recreate the bug, and a screenshot.

REPORT A BUG (instructions).

Mailing List

The Sahana community doesits best to answer questions about Sahana software in our community support forum.

IRC Web Chat

Many of our community members use Internet Relay Chat (IRC) to talk to us in real time, you can join our #sahana-eden channel on via your IRC client or directly from your browser. If no one’s around, get in touch via the Mailing List.

Paid Support

If you're interested in paid Sahana software development and technical support, contact one of our recommended Professional Service Providers.