Sahana Refugee Crisis Project

Please help support our volunteer efforts!!! Our project supports the work of local and grassroots organizations. Since we connect donors to organizations directly, we are not funded for this work. Our volunteers and developers are donating hundreds of hours to keep up the effort. Please consider supporting our team with a contribution so we can keep going!!! See more details about our efforts here

10+ Countries

Sahana deployments are active across 10+ affected countries

300+ Organizations

Our Refugees Welcome Project lists over 300 organizations active on the ground

5200+ Refugees

People supported by organizations using our portal

15000+ Cases

Sahana software has supported organizations with assistance to over 5000 refugees

6000+ Volunteers

Organizations on the ground are using Sahana software to manage over 6,000 volunteers

240+ Donor Matches

Our Sahana Refugee Welcome project has matched over 240 donors to groups on the ground

200+ Facilities

Over 200 facilities are listed in our Refugee Welcome Project

40+ Needs/Week

Grassroot groups are able to request help through our Refugee Welcome project


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Photo credits: John Englart (Takver)/Flickr CC-by-SA