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Project improved coastal resilience through multi-agency situational awareness in the Maldives, Myanmar and the Philippines. It involves deploying SAMBRO , training the users, evaluating the implementation, and commissioning the system for daily use. The project with a USD 300,000 grant was made possible through the  UNESCAP Trust Fund for Tsunami, Disaster and Climate Preparedness.

Project Objectives

  1. Standardization of National warnings using the Common Alerting Protocol with an all-hazard all-media approach
  2. Integration of all National Alerting Authorities and Response Organizations through a cross-agency situational-awareness platform
  3. Bring efficiency to sharing warnings across all agencies with the single entry of a CAP message disseminated through multiple communications channels.
  4. Decentralization of warnings and risk reduction by empowering local Authorities to issue impact-based alerts within their jurisdiction that can be audited by the National Authority.
  5. Localizing the content to accommodate all languages and audiences relevant to the Nation
  6. System security and controls provide the basis for defining the work-flows and  authenticated functions to authoring and approving alert dissemination, and designated personnel implementing the warning dissemination policies and procedures.


The goal of this project was to operationalize a CAP-enabled Cross-Agency Situational Awareness platform: SAMBRO, in each beneficiary country. The impact of the project is as follows:

The SLIDE DECK discusses the Utilization of SAMBRO in Myanmar and Philippines (including most recent major events)


  1. All Met, Hydro, Seismo alerts issued by DMH are with SAMBRO
  2. 887 Government Officials receive alerts via Email; in both Burmese and English
  3. Alerts are received in a few minutes (previously took hours with telephone and fax) and there is a significant reduction in dissemination expenses
  4. Was used during all major earthquake, flood, and cyclone events
  5. Still waiting on MPT to provide the resources to integrate SMS


  1. SAMBRO serves as a the Philippines Alert Hub; for receiving alerts from PAGASA for OCD to relay them through their networks
  2. Used in Typhoon Ferdie, Gener, and Hima; as well as several Flood Bulletins
  3. PHIVOLCS, work-in-progress with implementing SAMBRO; thereafter, earthquake, tsunami, volcano alerts will also be available for OCD to relay
  4. OCD is waiting on PHIVOLCS to complete and test before OCD can switch to SAMBRO
  5. IFRC Preparedness Center is integrating the PAGASA CAP feed to support the Philippines Universal Hazard APP


  1. NDMC has officially launched SAMBRO and is now ready to warn 500+ Government and Non-government focal persons
  2. MMS is expected to implement a CAP feed for NDMC to receive and disseminate (at present MMS alerts 100 focal persons)
  3. Department of Health is keen in implementing SAMBRO for Public Health and Emergency Medicine alerts
  4. Maldives Red Crescent can now request for the Universal APP.


User and technically relevant information can be accessed from the SAMBRO DEPLOYMENT page.

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The workshop agenda, curriculum, exercises, blogs, and other relevant information can be accessed from the EVENTS WIKI.

Kick-off Meeting

Sahana Research and Action Project

Project News

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SAMBRO Usability and Acceptability Presented at CPRSouth2017

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