Sahana Research & Action

Sahana Research and Action uses free and open source technologies to reduce the loss of life and property during disasters by using agile, iterative design approaches, to create impact-based assessment tools and implement cost effective solutions. Our insights inform Sahana software projects how to make increasingly useful, usable and economical tools for disaster risk reduction and disaster resource management.


Mobile Pictographs for Disaster Communication

Imagery for communicating disaster-related messages to the linguistically challenged (Concept).


Sahana Alert and Messaging Broker (SAMBRO)

Risk-based warning and situation-awareness system build using the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) international standard.



  • "CAP on a Map" project, to improve coastal resilience through a cross-agency situatioanal-awareness platform in Myanmar, Philippines, and Maldives (funded by UNESCAP) [January 2015 - October 2016]
  • ITU CAP Software and Training Module for the International Telecommunication Union Asia Pacific Regional Office to use in promoting the ITU-T X.1303 Common Alerting Protocol warning standard among member States (funded by ITU Bangkok Project Office). [April 2014 - July 2014]

Sahana First Response (coming soon)

Simple Incident management solutions for Emergency Operations Centers.

Additional Areas of Interest

  • Communities of Practice Investigates the use of Technology Stewardship and Communities of Practice approach to fostering acceptable and sustainable National Sahana deployments.
  • Damage and Loss assessment using alternative and unconventional data streams
  • Knowledge Mobilization using digitization, data processing, and information sharing techniques
  • Live-exercises and Simulations that test Disaster ICT interoperability


Our Team

Nuwan Waidyanatha,, Sahana Software Foundation
Lutz Frommberger,, Sahana Software Foundation


ITU Kaleiderscope best paper awarded to SAMBRO

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Maldives Launches “Dhandhaana” for Early Warning

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SAMBRO Narrowing the Response Distance in the Maldives

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