Open Source Disaster Management Solutions

Sahana makes high quality information management systems for emergency preparedness, response, recovery and resilience-building accessible to all.

Sahana EDEN Used for COVID-19 Responses

Sahana EDEN Used for COVID-19 Responses

Sahana EDEN is an open source disaster management application enabling effective coordination and resource management, particularly in a coordinated multi-agency ...
2018 End of Year Update

2018 End of Year Update

Sahana Software Foundation had its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on December 5th, 2018 via a 3-hour long conference call. Approximately ...
Cleanup your CAP: towards a decentralized, immutable, and trusted alert network

Cleanup your CAP: towards a decentralized, immutable, and trusted alert network

Picking up from the discussion on Alerthub, back in 2016 in Bangkok, we developed a hook to update our repository ...

EDEN Software

Sahana EDEN is the world’s most popular open-source information management system for disaster and humanitarian aid management. With over 20 modules, it can support all phases of the emergency cycle.


Manage details about organizations, offices, facilities, contacts and more.


Manage staff, volunteers, physical assets and inventories and supply catalogs.


Visualize Who is doing What Where (4W) and with charts, graphs and maps.


Manage assets, inventories, warehouses and requests for supplies.

Research & Action

We research methods for reducing the loss of life and property during disasters and turn our insights into open source software solutions for disaster risk reduction and disaster resource management.

Pictographs for Disaster Communication Logo

Mobile Pictographs for Alerting

Imagery for communicating disaster-related messages to the linguistically challenged.


Sahana Alert and Messaging Broker (SAMBRO)

Warning and situation-awareness system built using the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) international standard.


CAP on a Map

Improving coastal resilience through a cross-agency situatioanal-awareness platform in Myanmar, Philippines, and Maldives


Our community builds open source tools to help people prepare for and respond to disasters.

The first version of Sahana was created in Sri Lanka to help coordinate the response to the 2004 Tsunami. Since then it has been deployed in over 30 countries by dozens of groups ranging from large international NGOs such as Internal Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) to grassroots networks such as Occupy Sandy.

As a nonprofit, community-driven free/libre/open-source software project, Sahana’s success is dependent on a vibrant community of passionate and enthusiastic people.

To get involved, follow us on Twitter, join the Sahana EDEN listserv and read our blog.