Sahana Alerting and Messaging Broker (SAMBRO)

What is SAMBRO?

We make use of an International warning standard to bridge the last mile and bring efficiency to early warning practices. Built on the Sahana Eden framework, SAMBRO is a messaging broker designed to Publish and Subscribe Common Alerting Protocol (CAP V1.2) warnings fostering all-Hazard all-Media warnings.

SAMBRO Delivers:

  1. a platform to share a common alerting picture
  2. coordination among multiple-agencies (alert hub for filtering, originating and relaying alerts)
  3. interoperability fostering common policies and procedures
  4. risk mapping and impact-based early warnings (aligning warning classifications with alerting areas)
  5. CAP Stewardship and a Community of Practice in Asian and the Pacific Region (but not limited to)


Warning and Situtational-Awareness

broker_complexityUnder a well-developed disaster management system, the Disaster Management Organization(s) of a Country should be aware of and should map every significant emergency incident or risk in the country. Disseminating such information among multiple agencies with disparate systems can be complicated.  Multi-Agency Situational-Awareness (MASA) platforms facilitate the integration of silo-ed Organizations and dilutes inter-agency rivalry at every level of a National warning and incident management system. Such a platform that incorporates the  Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) standard is far more likely to interoperate with National and International warning systems. Moreover, the CAP content standard lays out emergency policies and procedures for streamlined information sharing among multiple agencies.The  World Meteorological Organization,  International Telecommunication Union, and  OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) are advocates of CAP and continue to promote the adoption of the warning standard. Sahana Alerting and Messaging Broker (SAMBRO) is essentially a Sahana Eden template designed for Multi-Agency Situational-Awareness. Moreover, it adopts the CAP standard for Sahana to interoperate with other warning systems.


Project News

SAMBRO Usability and Acceptability Presented at CPRSouth2017

SAMBRO Usability and Acceptability Presented at CPRSouth2017

It is coming close to an year since the Sahana Alerting and Messaging Broker (SAMBRO) was operationalized in Maldives, Myanmar, ...
Cyber-attacks and Power-failure: Disrupters of ICT use in Warning Dissemination

Cyber-attacks and Power-failure: Disrupters of ICT use in Warning Dissemination

We have been monitoring the accessibility of the Myanmar and Maldives SAMBRO servers. Our remote server, in Singapore, pings each ...

ITU Kaleiderscope best paper awarded to SAMBRO

We presented our paper on the “intricacies of implementing the ITU-T X.1303 recommended warning standard for cross-agency situational-awareness in Myanmar, ...
NDMC Deputy Minister & Defense Minister Launching Dhandhaana

Maldives Launches “Dhandhaana” for Early Warning

NDMC Deputy Minister & Defense Minister Launching Dhandhaana Dhandhaana in Divehi means “Reach”. This is the name the Maldives National ...

Project Info

2016 "CAP on a Map"

Improving Coastal Resilience through Multi-agency Situational Awareness in the Maldives, Myanmar and the Philippines. It involves deploying SAMBRO in the respective countries with a grant made possible through the  UNESCAP Trust Fund for Tsunami, Disaster and Climate Preparedness.

2013 "CAPITUS"

A module for building CAP capacity in member states.

2011 "Voice ICT4DM"

Use of Voice-enabled Interactive Response System for alerting and incident reporting in non-latin scripting cultures.

Technical Info

Specifications for the SAMBRO Sahana Template BluePrint

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