Sahana First Response (SaFiRe)

What is SAFIRE?

Sahana First Response (SAFIRE) follows principles of an Incident Command System (ICS) to offer any Emergency Operation Center (EOC) for achieving their incident command and control objectives --namely saving lives and leaving no one behind. A local or national Ambulance, Police, Fire, Disaster Management Center EOC might utilize SAFIRE for recording field-observations (burglary, accident, disputes, illicit activities, fores fire) and casualty-illness reports (accident, murder). The Police response procedures and resources allocated to incidents varies upon each scenario, which can be planned in SAFIRE. The other extreme is managing a crisis such as an earthquake, cyclone, chemical spill, civil unrest, terror attack, and so on, with many casualties, damages, and losses. All these, whether big or small, call for managing information and seeing the common operating picture for multi-agency coordination and, especially, with bring efficiency gains during the golden 72 hours of crises.

Quality improvements SAFIRE brings to your organization

  1. Promotes awareness of immediate and imminent threats among emergency response agencies and the public
  2. Increases resilience and survivability of communities (lives and livelihoods), in the face of a disaster
  3. Drives higher response success fostered through a unifying effect with inter-agency cooperation
  4. Provides better coordination of civil protection, emergency medicine, search and rescue, rapid damage and needs assessment
  5. Streamlines the two-way communication and information sharing between EOCs and on-site Incident Managers; simplified, secured information input, output, processing

Multi-agency Coordination and Incident Command & Control System

An incident, in SAFIRE, begins with first logging a distress call or an observation. Thereafter, dispatch response resources to assess, contain, and remedy the situation. Reporting the situation of the incident and tactical information between the EOC, Field Operations (e.g. Search & Rescue, Community Emergency Response Teams, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Coast Guard), and Heads of Departments (e.g. President's Office in a large crisis).


Project News

Sahana First Response acceptable for Seychelles

Sahana First Response acceptable for Seychelles

Sahna First Response (SaFiRe) prototype was designed, for simple and small Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs), with the intention of looking for potential …
SAMBRO Usability and Acceptability Presented at CPRSouth2017

SAMBRO Usability and Acceptability Presented at CPRSouth2017

It is coming close to an year since the Sahana Alerting and Messaging Broker (SAMBRO) was operationalized in Maldives, Myanmar, …

SAMBRO Narrowing the Response Distance in the Maldives

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Towards a Research Design: Pictographs in Disasters

Towards a Research Design: Pictographs in Disasters

The Research Team met at Microsoft Research India, in Bangalore, to formulate a practical and appropriate research design to test …

Sendai Framework for DRR Targets



F) International cooperation A) Mortality (deaths & missing persons)
B) Affected people (injured & dwelling)
D) Damage to critical infrastructure and services

Sustainable Development Goals

Project Info

2018 Sey-FIRE

National Department of Risk and Disaster Management (DRDM) Office of the Republic of Seychelles implementation of Sey-FIRE -- the Seychelles customization of SAFIRE -- to coordinate resources, share a common operating picture with LGA / fire / police / ambulatory / red cross, and situational reporting at all administrative layers and offices of the command and control organizational structure; from the President's Office to the Local Government Administrators (LGAs). Daily use of Sey-FIRE in Level 1 and Level 2 events prepares them to make use SeyFIRE during larger catastrophic events Level 3 to Level 5.

Technical Info

Specifications for the SAFIRE Sahana Template BluePrint
User Guidelines for the SAFIRE Users

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