SAMBRO Usability and Acceptability Presented at CPRSouth2017

It is coming close to an year since the Sahana Alerting and Messaging Broker (SAMBRO) was operationalized in Maldives, Myanmar, and the Philippines. A challenge was for authorities, in those three countries, to coordinate warnings across disparate communication systems and autonomous organizations. The CAP-enabled SAMBRO was designed to overcome those issues by providing a Common Operating Picture and a platform for all Stakeholders to share and disseminate early warnings. To that end, the CAP-on-a-MAP project implemented SAMBRO and the CAP standard along with the policies and procedures, in the three countries.

The project evaluated the usability and acceptability of the intervention through a ‘gulf of evaluation’ complexity analysis method and by applying the ‘technology acceptance model’. The users ‘agreed’ that SAMBRO was ‘useful’ and ‘easy to use’. The findings were presented at the CPRsouth2017 conference, held in Yangon, Myanmar (29 Aug. – 01 Sep., 2017).

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