Sahana EDEN Used for COVID-19 Responses

Sahana EDEN is an open source disaster management application enabling effective coordination and resource management, particularly in a coordinated multi-agency response. The primary use cases for Sahana EDEN have been for managing fires, floods and hurricanes, but the tool has also been extended for pandemic management with a contact tracing feature originally developed for Ebola mitigation efforts in West Africa.

COVID-19 might be an unprecedented event, but like many rapid onset disasters, it presents governments with familiar coordination and resource management problems that Sahana EDEN can help mitigate. As such, many groups are using Sahana EDEN for their COVID responses.

Here are two:

  • Cumbria County Council in the United Kingdom is using their existing deployment to manage spontaneous Volunteers and to see gaps in cover by organisations. Have also developed functionality to register vulnerable people who need extra beyond that which can be provided by family and neighbors and to manage supplies for critical equipment such as PPEs. ”has been instrumental in Cumbria’s ability to efficiently manage its spontaneous volunteers.
  • Government of Pakistan is using Sahana EDEN for case tracking and planning to use for logistics management. ”The system is very well designed and working seamlessly/flawlessly

Sahana EDEN is open source software managed by the Sahana Software Foundation, a 501.c.3 organization based in California, USA. 

For more information about Sahana EDEN use during the COVID-19 pandemic, please read our report: Sahana Applicability for COVID-19.

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