Myanmar Loving the SAMBRO Mobile APP

screen_mobile_sam bro_12We conducted controlled-exercises in the Nyaungdon and Kunyangong Townships in Myanmar. The SAMBRO mobile app was exciting to the participating emergency firs-responders. The number of participants grew from 10 to 25 when they heard of the mobile app and were keen in testing the application.

Nauyangdon02A significant number of the first-responders; especially in Kunyangong, did own an Email account. The participants were more accustomed to using Viber, Facebook, SMS, and voice calls. DMH was unable to operationalize a SMS gateway in Myanmar. Bulk SMS as a commercial service was not offered by any of the Mobile Service Operators (MSOs) in Myanmar. Clickatell and TextMagic, on line SMS gateways did not serve Myanmar. Thus, we were purely relying on the SAMBRO Mobile APP for serving as a wakeup and alerting function.

We are using Google Cloud Messaging to push the alerts on to the mobile APP. However, the service has not been very effective. It works sometimes but not reliable. Sahana may consider developing their own push service using Email as the message carrier to activate the inbuilt siren for waking up the recipients.


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