SSF Operations

The SSF Operations Team is responsible for performing the functions of the organization's executive, such as:

  • maintaining compliance: bookkeeping, accounting, tax and legal
  • managing finances and processing transactions
  • building information resources that help the organization operate and help projects succeed
  • managing the Project Council process, doing the organizing and documentation work needed to make it function
  • making sure phone and email correspondence to the general SSF are being channeled to the appropriate people and being answered
  • communications : maintaining the website, blog, contact database, newsletter and social media


2015 End of Year Update

In the past, only the biggest NGOs and best-funded government agencies could afford custom information management systems designed specifically for ...
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Sahana Participates for GCI 2014

The Sahana Software Foundation has actively taken part in the Google Code-In programme since its inception in 2010 and 2014's programme ...
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March Update

March Update

It's been a busy start to the year with lots going on in the Sahana. There's been some great voluntary ...
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