The SSF allocates funding through a transparent spokescouncil process to projects that advance its mission to build free/libre/open-source humanitarian aid solutions accessible to all.

All projects are voted on by the existing members and agree to adhere to guidelines, so they can participate in collaborative budgeting.

The SPC is chartered, funded and overseen by the SSF Board.

SPC Projects

  • EDEN CodebaseThe Eden core codebase is an enabler for many projects - having these share a well-maintained common core means that the other projects can focus on delivering their business value without having to worry so much about security, performance, or developing new RAD patterns...those are the concern of this project.
  • SSF OperationsMaintaining the core organizational structures that propel the SSF to success.
  • Disaster ResponseMobilizing the SSF Community to respond to disasters around the world by persistently providing solutions to critical, under-supported and long term response efforts.
  • Center for Excellence: A center to develop innovative Sahana tools and support the deployment in the Asia Pacific Region.