We encourage our core developers to mentor newcomers  who want to work on a particular idea or set of tasks related to the software codebase. These tasks tend to be bigger, taking over a month to complete.  The program works best when developers are self-motivated and bring an idea to the Sahana project, but developers are also encouraged to help with existing projects and feature ideas.

Mentors help identify relevant concepts and designs, provide guidance and also even contribute code to projects to demonstrate how code is expected to look and function.

Our mentorship program is entirely voluntary and self-organised.  There are no formal enrollment
processes, no formal time limits, and both mentors and new developers can end the relationship at any time.

Meet our Mentors

Getting Started

Mentorship is voluntarily, but there are some
requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to act as a mentor (including
skills, experience, and availability).

mentors can approach students, or students can approach mentors, at any time and agree to work on such an effort. And it doesn’t have to be just 2 people – can be a whole team, as long as there is at least one who has the mentor role.



Once a year, SSF awards prizes for the most successful mentor/mentee efforts.  The efforts are judged with the following criteria:

  • at least one of the team members was new to Sahana
  • there is an active user-base for the functionality implemented
  • community awareness (beyond the team!) and trunk integration

Candidates are nominated and voted on by the SSF members.  Prizes include cash, Sahana shwag and promotion of efforts on Sahana’s website, newsletter and social media.



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