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Making high quality information management systems for emergency preparedness, response, recovery and resilience-building accessible to all.

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SAMBRO Narrowing the Response Distance in the Maldives

Intricacies of Managing Island Emergencies Placing and maintaining emergency services in each Island, in the Maldives, can be costly for ...
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Philippines Simulations Evaluation Report and Recommendations

Philippines Simulations Evaluation Report and Recommendations

The Philippines Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) has implemented the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) for Tropical Cyclone and ...
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SAMBRO a One-Stop-Shop for the Philippine Media to get Warnings

During the Press Conference, organized by the "CAP on a Map project" in Quezon City, the Philippine Media asked the ...


Sahana EDEN information management system has over 20 modules supporting emergency preparedness, response, recovery and resilience building.


Sahana systems are deployed in over 60 locations by some of the world's largest governments and NGOs.


International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent

Resource and humanitarian aid management platform used by 18 national societies for planning and operational purposes.


Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

Resilience mapping tool managing information about local hazards, risks and assets for eight nonprofit coalitions.


Timor Leste Disaster Management Directorate

Risk management system allows stakeholders to coordinate efforts in all phases of the disaster cycle.

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Sahana is open source software that you can deploy yourself or have a professional deploy for you.


Our community builds open source tools to help people prepare for and respond to disasters.

The first version of Sahana was created in Sri Lanka to help coordinate the response to the 2004 Tsunami. Since then it has been deployed in over 30 countries by dozens of groups ranging from large international NGOs such as Internal Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) to grassroots networks such as Occupy Sandy.

As a nonprofit, community-driven free/libre/open-source software project, Sahana's success is dependent on a vibrant community of passionate and enthusiastic people. 

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