The Sahana Software Foundation pursues the successful professionalization and usage of Sahana software as a requisite part of disaster response and preparedness globally via three main programs:

Software Development Program:

The core activity of the Sahana Software Foundation is to support software development by hosting the infrastructure and tools used by software developers, leading core framework development to ensure quality, consistency and security, maintaining the code base and providing opportunities for individuals and organizations to contribute to the development of Sahana Software by nurturing a strong contributory community and through our participation in programs such as the Google Summer of Code, Google Code-In, Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Open Source Day, the HFOSS Symposium and other events.

Deployment and Training Program:

To support the deployment of Sahana software before, during and after emergencies, the Sahana Software Foundation’s SahanaCamp program is the centerpiece of our Deployment and Training activities.  This program also coordinates Sahana Software Foundation support for the emergency use of Sahana software following major disasters, which may involve hosting, community volunteer  coordination, customization and localization.

Visit the SahanaCamp page for more information.

Advocacy Program:

The Sahana Software Foundation promotes the adoption of Sahana software and the principles of HFOSS and collaborative open source approaches to disaster information management.  The goal of this program is to fundamentally transforming the way disaster response occurs through innovative solutions to coordination challenges. This involves active leadership/participation at relevant meetings and conferences with key stakeholders, an orientation and training program for customers, and a Sahana certification program for quality control.

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