How Sahana Works

1. Platform

Sahana builds on a powerful platform (“framework”) which implements common standard functionality such as database queries/transactions, authorization, mapping, forms, tables, reports, import, export, web services and more.

2. Modules
Sahana provides a set of flexible business logic components (“modules”) that implement typical use-cases of the humanitarian world such as organisation registry, project management, inventory and asset management, requests and more. Each module comes with a data model, and a set of controllers/views (pages).

3. Templates
Since configurations of modules can be very complex, Sahana has templates that hold configurations. These templates enable developers to continuously share and improve configurations of systems instead of having to start from scratch with every system they develop.

4. Applications
Sahana Applications are the final product that combines the Sahana framework + modules + template to create a product that people use. The SSF funds the development of useful applications, including the ones below:

Sahana EVASS Application for shelter and case management during mass evacuations.

Specialized Modules:
– Event Management
– Shelter Management
– Evacuee Case Management

Standard Modules:
– Organisation registry
– Document library
– Staff and volunteer registry
– Messaging module