2015 End of Year Update

In the past, only the biggest NGOs and best-funded government agencies could afford custom information management systems designed specifically for disaster management. Thanks to you, the Sahana community, we are […]

It’s been a busy start to the year with lots going on in the Sahana. There’s been some great voluntary contributions over the past months. Tom Baker has been making […]

It’s a busy week for Sahana around the world! Fran Boon, the Technical Lead for the Sahana software project, delivering a SahanaCamp training workshop for the Civil Society Disaster Platform, […]

Sahana Strategic Plan 2014-2015

Thanks to all your effort throughout our a comprehensive community planning process we now have a Strategic Plan for the next year: http://bit.ly/sahana-strategic-plan-2014-2015 . This is a high level overview: I would […]