Disaster Response

The Sahana Disaster Response Project (SDRP) leverages the SSF community's unique information management skillets and knowledge of Sahana EDEN software systems to support disaster response initiatives around the world. We offer a number of types of support, including:

  • Endorsement: Response efforts can be officially supported by the SSF and listed on our website, promoted through our social media, newsletters and email lists.  This can be useful for raising money, volunteers, and awareness about particularly effective and important response efforts.
  • Hosting: The SDRP offers free hosting of EDEN-based systems to qualifying response initiatives and organizations
  • Technical Support: The SDRP helps provide priority technical support to people utilizing new and existing EDEN systems during a disaster.
  • Networking: The SDRP can help connect participants with digital and on-the-ground response efforts.

We also actively coordinate our response efforts with other volunteer technical communities through the Digital Humanitarian Network.


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