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The Sahana Software Foundation is currently responding to the situation in the aftermath of the 11 March earthquake and tsunami affecting Japan. Our hearts are with the thousands affected by this terrible tragedy. Sahana software was born out of the experience of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in Sri Lanka, and many in our community are highly sensitive to the impact of the Sendai earthquake and tsunami on Japan and want to help the people of Japan in a meaningful way.

The Sahana Software Foundation is supporting a local effort by the Hyogontech open source group in Kobe and IBM Japan to provide a Japanese version of Sahana Eden software for use by government and responding charitable organizations (NPOs). This site is hosted by IBM Japan at

The United States’ National Library of Medicine is making use of Agasti Vesuvius for their People Locator system for missing and found persons reporting for the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami response, including interfaces between Vesuvius and Google’s Person Finder.

There is a demonstration site of Sahana Eden’s current capabilities in English or Japanese (see the language options in the upper right). If you know of an organization interested in using Sahana software to support relief efforts in Japan, please contact us at and we’ll respond quickly.

Please Donate to support additional feature development required for this ongoing response.

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