IOTX Sri Lanka : Sahana Bar Camp

The first day of the Sahana Barcamp was held at the WSO2 office. It was a really cool place and seemed to have good work culture ( They had a drum kit and guitar in cafeteria. That made my day πŸ˜€ )

We started the Bar Camp off with planning the sessions, removing clashes and in few minutes the barcamp grid was filled with stickies mentioning the agenda of the sessions.

Arnav, fellow GSoC intern planning Barcamp sessions
Removing clashes between sessions, because everyone wanted to attend everyone’s session (yeah they were so exciting) πŸ˜€

There was a session on debugging using Eclipse and Firebug tool by Fran Boon, the lead developer of Sahana Eden. This was really useful for us as he explained what breakpoints are and how to use them.

Fran Boon leading the session of debugging using Eclipse and Firebug

I was also hosting a session on ” Crisis Maps”. For my session we had Dr. Lutz Frommberger from Capacity Lab and Eula from LaSalle University, they had experience in GIS and Field Training respectively. They gave in great inputs and Dr. Lutz also showed us a mobile form UI for incident reporting which was reporting in few clicks through pictures and sliders.

Crisis Map brainstorming

After this there was a session by Somay, fellow Google Summer of Code intern. He presented his project Sunflower. It’s a great tool which will be deployed soon with functionalities which are important for tracking tasks and volunteers of any organization.

This was followed by a session on Google Summer of CodeΒ and how to improve the experience. Our mentors asked us to be be very open. We had a productive discussion and we are taking back the key learnings with us πŸ™‚

After this last session we headed to the WSO2 sports bay for some TT and foosball πŸ™‚

{ Hack, Code, Play, Sleep }.repeat() πŸ˜€

Thank you to the Sahana Software Foundation and Google for supporting me to attended the Sri Lanka IOTX Sahana Events in the beautiful capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo.

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