Europe’s IES evaluates Sahana Eden CAP Broker for adoption

Recently, in Geneva, I met Massimo Cristaldi (CTO  Intelligence for Environment & Security – IES –  Solutions) at the CAP Implementation Workshop (23-25 April 2013). He mentioned, during a tea-break chat, that they evaluated the Sahana-Eden CAP Broker for possible adoption. Given that the Sahana-Eden CAP Broker was not fully developed, they default to building their own. Moreover, he was not at liberty to say whether or not they adopted parts or the existing version in their build; my hunch is that they did. This is an initiative driven by Italians for the European Union. I was thirlled to learn that the Sahana-Eden CAP Broker was, quietly, gaining some traction; especially, it being developed by students through GSOC and GCI programs.

IES developed “JIXEL” is a suite of web based application that allows emergency services (fire and rescue, ambulance, police, civil protection) to seamlessly exchange information during day-by-day operations and when managing catastrophic events and their aftermath. JIXEL adopts CAP as the interoperable content exchange protocol. In addition to the software products, JIXEL also focuses on hardware for rapid routing and sharing of crisis information.

Possibly, the Sahana Software Foundation’s EUROSHA project could find synergies in collaborating with IES Solutions in complementing their efforts by offering some of the available modules in managing European humanitarian crises.


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