Obrigado por sua hospitalidade Lisboa!

[Editor’s note: Google generously provides sponsorship for former Google Summer of Code students to attend events relevant to their experiences with open source.  This post from Robby O’Connor, a 2010 GSOC student with Sahana, is the second of three from former Sahana GSOC students that were able to attend our annual meeting in Lisbon because of such support.]

Thank you for your hospitality Lisbon!

What a glorious time that I had in Lisbon,Portugal  courtesy of Google and the Sahana Software Foundation! I visited Lisbon for the Sahana Community Bar Camp, Sahana Software Foundation Annual Meeting and SahanaCamp@ISCRAM Disaster Workshop and Simulation as part of the 8th ISCRAM Conference.

I had the benefit of learning a great deal about Sahana during various talks at Sahana Bar Camp. A great deal was learned from conversations and presentations during the Annual Meeting — it was very interesting to hear community members’ comments surrounding current discussions.

A summary of the people I met:

Fran Boon — AWESOME person very good sense of humor…or should I say humour (since he’s British).

Michael Howden –my Google Summer of Code mentor whom I hold a lot of respect for and have learned a great deal from!

Martin Thomson is an amazing person! It was a pleasure to meet him!

Brent Woodworth is another amazing person — it’s people like him that I hold nothing but admiration for!

David Bitner is a fun person to talk to — AMAZING person!

Mark Prutsalis whom I am eternally grateful towards for allowing me the opportunity to go to Lisbon!!

Dominic König taught me a lot about the framework which he designed (S3 REST specifically) — he is a very knowledgeable person!

There were some that I met but didn’t have many in-depth conversations, those were Chad Heuschober and Greg Miernicki. I learned a good deal through just sitting and listening to Chad talk to Fran.

I can’t forget the people who were there after all was said and done — my fellow Google Summer of Code students Zubair Assad and Praneeth Bodduluri. They are very cool and awesome people and should not be left out!

I wish I had been able to meet Pat Tressel — but it is what it is!

I learned a great deal about Sahana and how the framework operates — but more importantly I had the time of my life and will cherish the time in Lisbon for the rest of my life! A more in-depth post can be found on the Sahana Software Foundation blog.

I sincerely hope I did not leave anybody out here and hope that this accomplishes the goal of conveying my experiences! I don’t think I can express in words how grateful I am to both Google and the Sahana Software Foundation for sponsoring my trip to Lisbon — it was amazing!

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