Open Referral NYC

Project Info

We help nonprofit service and referral providers that work with people experiencing homelessness in New York City create, share and manage information about their services and the services of other nonprofit and government agencies -- at no cost.

Our solution is easier to use than a document or spreadsheet while offering the benefits of a custom database, such as producing online directories for the public and APIs that can share information with other service providers using the Open Referral data standard.

We offer:

  • Training in using AirTable, a free online software system for creating custom databases with a familiar spreadsheet-style interface.
  • An AirTable Template designed to help you manage health and human services data such as: hours, location, types of services, eligibility criteria, etc.
  • Technical support to help you put your data into the AirTable Template.

Once your data is in the AirTable Template, we provide:

  • A directory website (example) that displays your service information to the public.
  • An Open Referral API (example) for your data, so it’s easy for you to share your data with other nonprofits, public agencies and funders such as Single Stop, the Mayor’s Office, Healthify and more.

To qualify for our free services, you must be:

  • A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in New York City.
  • Provide services and/or referrals to homeless people in NYC.
  • Want to use and share better health, human and social services data.

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