Sahana CERT Alerting Highlighted in CAP Workshop Report

The final report that came out of the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Policy Workshop in Montreal quoted Sahana in it. Here’s an excerpt from the report:

How to notify and utilize citizen volunteers
Community volunteers [e.g. Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)] are increasingly seen as valuable resources to respond in emergencies. New tools and channels may need to be used by alerting authorities to be able to include trained citizen volunteers in alerts sent to responders (see Sahana Software Foundation). Also, citizen volunteers can be utilized to rapidly gather information on the status of hazards and disasters as well as the resources needed

I addition to our work with CAP the Eden team has been working on the CERT module. Perhaps one area to explore is combining CERT messaging component with CAP as an underlying standard. As I take on the role of Chair of the Sahana Standards and Interoperability Committee, investigating such needs to interchange information with disparate systems and then contributing that knowledge to the OASIS Emergency Interoperability Technical Committee, which Sahana Software Foundation is now officially a member, shall become a priority.

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