Sahana helping Philippine’s Department of Health

Following Typhoon Haiyan, Dr Alvin Marcelo, a long term supporter of Sahana reached out to the Sahana Community to help International Open Source Network using Sahana for the National Telehealth Center. The Sahana Community was able to provide a customized Sahana site for managing requests and donations for organizations and sites.

Sahana Philippine Response Site
Sahana Philippine Response Site

When Dr Jeriel de Silos from the National Telehealth Center showed the Department of Health saw Sahana they realized how valuable it could be to collect, share and map information about the status of their clinics and other facilities affected by the typhoon and manage incoming requests especially with Sahana’s mapping function. Nurses in the Department of Health call center are now using Sahana to help plan their relief efforts.

Sahana MapSahana Requests

If you would like to support the Sahana Software Foundation’s continued response to Typhoon Haiyan you can donate here.

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