Sahana in your hands

Dear Sahana friends, artists and craftsmen,

after a period of extensive precursory development, we’ve now followed through on our promise…

Umh – ok, let me try again:

After years of fierce procrastination and thoughtful neglect, we’ve finally given in and created a little baby monster to supplement our mighty web application – meet EdenMobile.

As the name might suggest – it is supposed to grow into a mobile app for offline data collection and any other mobile Sahana use-cases that may come up in the future.

EdenMobile is now a couple of months old, and has grown some 120 commits in its GitHub cradle at:

It’s already starting to CRUD and memorize data, and babbling S3JSON with the Sahana server – still on a somewhat simple level, but getting more and more sophisticated every week.

With all this, we think that it is time to let it meet the wider Sahana community, in the hope to extend its circle of friends, and to get some support and hands-on assistance with its further upbringing.

So what’s under the hood?

Unlike its serpent mother, EdenMobile eats primarily JavaScript.

We have given it Apache Cordova for a heart, and AngularJS for a soul – and for the latter a front-face of mainly Ionic-1.3 components.

Its main back-end instrument is a mobile SQLite database – which it plays quite well using the Cordova plugin, although of course it’s still far from really mastering it.

So far, we’ve only let it dance with Android’s WebViewer – but of course it’s meant to be cross-platform, eventually.

If you want to come, you can find some developer documentation on our wiki at:

…which should help you to make your first contact.

See you on the mailing list 🙂


P.S. Gifted as the child is, of course, it also brings some challenges, the most brain-twisting and inhumane of which being its in every respect acyclic, asynchronous behavior.

So, bring some patience – it’s still a baby, after all 😉

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