Sahana Product Development Committee Established

Today, the Sahana Software Foundation Board of Directors merged the governance structures of its two technical projects – Sahana Agasti and Sahana Eden.  The new Sahana Product Development Committee will be responsible for governing and overseeing the development of all existing Sahana products – Sahana Eden, Sahana Mayon, Sahana Vesuvius and Sahana Kilauea.

The proposal to merge projects came from attendees at the 2012 Annual Meeting.

Commenting on this development, SSF CEO Mark Prutsalis said: “This promises to streamline our processes for supporting multiple products while reducing overhead and bringing more coordination, testing and technical resources to bear in the support of all Sahana products.”  He added, “It will enable us to better coordinate our strategic development path to ensure we are able to best meet the requirements of our customers.”

Prutsalis emphasized, “This does not mean that any one product is being preferred or promoted over the others.  Rather, I see this as a major enhancement to the Sahana Software Foundation’s capacity and commitment to support all of our existing product lines and their users.”

Fran Boon has been appointed interim chair of this Committee.


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  1. This is a great decision and send a signal that Sahana products will move towards greater consistency and interoperability.


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