Sahana Resource Management System for Telecom Operators

Nepal Earthquake did not affect their telecommunications relative to the damages and losses in other sectors. Nevertheless, they faced the challenge of managing the crisis; especially, with restoring communication services.The lessons were discussed at INET Kathmandu.

I came to learn that telcos run their own Emergency Operations Center  (EOC) and they need to manage who is doing what where and when. Additionally, they need to know where their staff members are (other partners are such as suppliers), and be able report telecom related incidents and manage the installation or restoration through a simple project cycle.


That is exactly what the Sahana Eden IFRC Resource Management System (RMS) offers. It can be tweaked to offer telecos the tools to manage their crises and emergencies. IFRC RMS can manage assets, warehouses,  staff, volunteers, members assessments, incident reporting, project management.The telcos would use the same perhaps change Volunteers and Members to Suppliers or Partners. The geospatial representation of the information makes it quick and easy to filter and drill down into essential data.

The RMS database allows for managing multiple authentication levels. For example, Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) be the chief administrator being able to see the information of all the telcos. Each of the telcos can manage their own instance without sharing resources with other telcos; unless requested and is approved. Such a database is valuable to NTA for realizing the overall status of the telecommunications in the country.


  1. Every one must be prepared for crisis situation, and telcom companies are not an exclusion. Completely agree to core of this idea


  2. Couldn’t agree more. This article very aptly emphasizes the importance of being ever ready for any difficult situation and telecom industry is no exception to it. Ikrik , being an emerging VOIP services provider company in UAE has already taken such steps and we appreciate such good work from you.


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