Sahana Software Foundation a 2011 Google Summer of Code Mentoring Organization

The Sahana Software Foundation has been selected as a mentoring organization for the 2011 Google Summer of Code. We are thrilled to be selected again to participate in such a great program that helps bring new developers into open source projects.

The Sahana Software Foundation has benefited greatly from participating in the Google Summer of Code since 2006. It is an important and successful part of our community development programs. In this time, GSOC students have become core contributors as well as members of our project management committees, members of our foundation, and even serve on our board of directors. Historically, 23 of our 43 GSOC students have stayed involved with the Sahana Software Foundation for at least one year after their GSOC internship ended, many for much longer. We hope to continue in the successes that we have had in building good code and bringing in new community members to our organization through the Google Summer of Code program.

Please visit our main 2011 GSOC page on our wiki for more information which includes links to our ideas page, student guidelines and mentor responsibilities and for more information about why you should submit an application to be a GSOC student with the Sahana Software Foundation this year.

Interested Students: If you are a student who is interested in participating in the GSoC this year, we would encourage you to review our ideas pages and our student guidelines on the Sahana Wiki. Once you have reviewed that information, we invite you to discuss any ideas that you may have on the Sahana developers mailing list or via IRC (#sahana on Freenode). See our Sahana chat page for more information. Students who take the opportunity to discuss their ideas with the Sahana development team will definitely have an easier time pulling together quality proposals. We’d like all students to submit a patch for a bug fix or simple feature enhancement as part of the application process; you should work with a mentor for the project idea you intend to apply for to identify an appropriate one for you to work on for your patch.

Interested Mentors: If you are an active Sahana Contributor and would like to be involved in the GSoC as a mentor, please send an e-mail to Former Sahana GSOC students are always encouraged to serve as mentors.

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