Sahana Vesuvius 0.9.2 Released

Its been a little under a year since the last release of Vesuvius and there has been a lot of changes and new features added over this time period.  We wanted to push out a new release just before the onset of Google Summer of Code so that our students would have a better and more up to date version to develop upon. This release also includes a new starter database that many have requested.

Please head over to our Launchpad site to download and begin using the newest Sahana Vesuvius code.


  1. I follow all the steps for vesuvius 092 installation. but still dont work… please help me… can you show me a video on how to install ?


    1. Hi Ike — I’d suggest that you get in touch with the developers via the Sahana Agasti developer’s list – you can subscribe or simply post to We don’t have installation videos but I’m sure someone can help you troubleshoot the installation problems you are having. You might also seek support on one of our IRC channels – either #sahana or #sahana-agasti on freenode. There is a web chat available if you don’t have an IRC client. Let them know what environment you are attempting to install on and all steps taken and at what point the installation is failing.

      Best regards,


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