SahanaCamp Vietnam October 29th in Hanoi

Join the Sahana Software Foundation for SahanaCamp Vietnam 2013 to be held October 29th in Hanoi.  The workshop will take place at the Institut de la Francophonie pour L’Informatique just prior to an ISCRAM Vietnam 2013 Conference at the same venue.

SahanaCamp Vietnam is designed for NGOs, Disaster Management professionals, and the people and organizations that provide them with technical support.  The morning will focus on user perspectives including a hands-on simulation.  The afternoon will address more technical aspects including deployment and customization to meet local organization needs.

SahanaCamp Vietnam will be facilitated by Sahana Product Development Committee Chair & Sahana Eden Technical Lead Fran Boon, and Sahana Standards and Interoperability Committee Chair Nuwan Waidyanatha.

The event is free to attend.  Register now!

More information and up-to-date information about SahanaCamp Vietnam are available on our event page.

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SahanaCamp Vietnam is sponsored by:


Google is a proud user and supporter of open source software and development methodologies. Google contributes back to the Open Source community in many ways, including more than 35 million lines of source code, projects for students including Google Summer of Code and the Google Code-in Contest, and support for a wide variety of projects, organizations and events around the world.


IFI is a supporter of Open Source software.


AidIQ are committed to supporting Sahana Eden through both maintaining the core codebase and building a vibrant community.


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SahanaCamp Vietnam is part of the Sahana Software Foundation’s Deployment Support and Training Program.  For more information, see the SahanaCamp Program Page.

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