Sahana’s GSOC Projects at the Mid-Terms – Exciting Progress

Last week marked the mid-term evaluations for this year’s Google Summer of Code.   All six students we are mentoring this year passed their mid-terms and are making great progress towards successfully completing their summer internship with the Sahana Software Foundation.   As part of their mid-term evaluation, all of our students created screencasts demonstrating the functionality of their projects to date. I wanted to share these with the community.

Our 2011 GSOC Projects

Sahana Eden:

“Save Search and Subscription”

by Pratyush Nigam mentored by Michael Howden, assisted by GSOC ’10 student Robby O’Conner.

Description of Project: The aim of this project is to enable users to save the searches they may make, revisit them and be able to subscribe them so that they are able to get notifications for updates in the searches that they made. The project can be divided into two parts – i) Save Searches, ii) Subscription The save searches part will deal with saving of searches and providing a UI for the user to review the saved searches. The subscription part deals with providing notifications to the users through email/twitter

For more information about this project, please visit the Project Page (blueprint) and User Guidelines


“Web Setup”

by Anubhav Aggarwal mentored by GSOC ’10 student Shikhar Kohli

Project description: This project creates a wizard for Sahana Eden, which helps in changing the modules’ status, content on the landing page, settings of database, mail server & languages etc. without getting into the real code or any Python file. This is done by creating a co-application in web2py for the Setup which would change a couple of files in Eden.

For more information about this project, please visit the Project Page (blueprint) and User Guidelines


“Sahana Eden OCR Integration”

by Shiv Deepak mentored by Dominic König, ssisted by GSOC ’09 student Gihan Chamara

Project description: This project aims to integrate the current standalone OCR module into the s3 framework where the forms could be generated as PDF and user could upload a scanned image and then get an interface where the scanned information is displayed on the screen along with the corresponding image counterparts for the manual verification. There will be two use cases, (1) bulk upload (manual verification will be done later ) and (2) upload and verify both at once, which will be incorporated into s3 framework.

For more information about this project, please visit the Project Page (blueprint), GSOC Project Page (blueprint) and User Guidelines


Sahana Agasti Projects:


“Pootle Re-Integration”

by Ramindu Deshapriya mentored by Greg Miernicki, assisted by Glenn Pearson.

Project description: This project is aimed at cleaning up the translation methodology for Sahana-Agasti Vesuvius using Pootle. After the completion of the project, Pootle admins should be able to use a generated Pootle template to translate the Vesuvius UI into any language. The existing Resource Page system is to be integrated into the new methodology as well.

For more information about this project, please visit the Project Page (blueprint) and the Student’s Project Page.


“Creating Installation Process for Vesuvius”

by W. A. Chinthaka Rukshan Weerakkody mentored by Charles Wisniewski for Mayon, assisted by Greg Miernicki.

Project description: Currently there isn’t a proper installation process for Vesuvius. The user has to do all the steps manually by following the “INSTALL” file that is in the Vesuvius directory. By completing this project the main objective that can be accomplish is to have a proper installation process using the same technology that is used in Mayon.

For more information about this project, please visit the Project Page (blueprint) and the Student’s Project Page.


“RESTful Web Services Integration”

by Fabio Albuquerque, mentored by Chad Heuschober.

Project description: The Sahana Agasti project (the Mayon platform) has a scheme with lot of modules. Each module has other dependencies and they are connected with others, but we can build a way through web services to make available only a few desired entities of the scheme, so that another software can consume it (a different project, like Sahana Eden) in an easy way, with a simple HTTP request.

For more information about this project, please visit the Student’s Project Page

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Stay informed about the progress of our GSOC projects through our discussion lists.

As always, we are extremely grateful to Google for their sponsorship of the Google Summer of Code Program and value the Sahana Software Foundation’s inclusion as one of the mentoring organizations. We have a strong record of retaining past GSOC students as contributors to our software projects, and I look forward to the contributions of our six 2011 GSOC students for years to come.

Lots of hard work and effort is also being done to administer this year’s GSOC program by our GSOC administrator David Bitner, assisted by the GSOC coordinators for the Agasti and Eden projects Darlene McCullough and Michael Howden. Many thanks.

We look forward to the successful completion of these efforts and contributions they will make to our projects. We hope to invite the students to give a live demonstration of their work during the August Community Call, which will be held right before the “pencils down” date.

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  1. Congratulations to the interns and mentors. YAAAY!!!


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