Sahana Software Foundation Seeks Sponsors for 2012 Annual Meeting and SahanaCamp NYC

The Sahana Software Foundation is seeking sponsorship for our 2012 Annual Meeting and a SahanaCamp this coming May in New York City.  Sahana software is supported by a global virtual and volunteer community of contributors from diverse backgrounds – emergency managers, open source software developers, international relief agency staff, academic researchers, public health professionals, technology companies and students.  The Annual Meeting is a unique and valuable opportunity for collaboration and strategic planning in how the Sahana Software Foundation will be able to fulfill its mission and meet the needs of its customers – government jurisdictions, international relief agencies and communities, over the course of the coming year.

Sponsoring the Sahana Software Foundation Annual Meeting provides a compelling opportunity to support our work and our life-saving projects directly.  Last year’s Annual Meeting and the SahanaCamp@ISCRAM in Lisbon resulted in the adoption of Sahana Eden software by the Portuguese National Volunteer Fire Fighting Agency (Bombeiros), with national responsibility for public safety.  An even greater impact can be expected this year as Sahana software has been recently distributed to 30 local jurisdictions in 4 states as part of a Regional Catastrophic Planning Team effort, an extension of the over four-year long program of the City of New York’s Office of Emergency Management to utilize Sahana software to help coordinate the resource management and planning needs for its all-hazards sheltering plan.  A four-day SahanaCamp™ is planned to support these jurisdictions and other local humanitarian organizations with critical training in the deployment of Sahana software.  After the SahanaCamp™, we will organize community efforts to address the specific requirements these jurisdictions identified during the SahanaCamp™ during working sessions of our Annual Meeting.

We are seeking financial sponsorship to help support the travel (airfare plus accommodations) for many of our Members and active contributors who otherwise couldn’t afford to attend, and for the time and effort of the facilitators of the SahanaCamp NYC, and for related supporting expenses.  We estimate the total costs for the meeting will be $30,000.  ($18,000 for the Annual Meeting on May 26-28; $12,000 for a 4-day SahanaCamp to

take place from May 22-25).

For more information about our sponsorship program, please see:

This is a great opportunity for organizations and individuals to support the life-saving work of an award-winning and uniquely effective non-profit humanitarian open source foundation.

Platinum Sponsors:

Google Open Source Programs Office

Gold Sponsors:

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