Case Study of Sahana Software Foundation Response to Haiti Earthquake Published by UN APCITC

A case study of the Sahana Software Foundation’s response to the Haiti earthquake co-authored by Sahana Software Foundation CEO Mark Prutsalis and CTO Chamindra de Silva has been published by the UN Asian and Pacific Training Centre for Information and Communications Technology for Development (APCICT) as part of their ICTD Case Study Series: ICT for Disaster Risk Reduction.

The May 2010 “Case Study examines the development of Sahana that grew out of the devastation of the Tsunami in Sri Lanka, and has evolved to serve and support a variety of ICT related needs of the disaster response and relief operations in Haiti. Sahana and its community of dedicated contributors illustrate the potential and lifesaving power of effective and coordinated ICT use in disaster relief and management operations.” (from the introduction)

The case study concludes that “The Sahana Disaster Management System continues to evolve in order to address coordination needs and to adapt and assimilate new technologies. Haiti was a prime example of multiple Sahana instances being customized and deployed for different purposes. This is a testament to the strength of the H-FOSS model for delivering ICT applications in the field of humanitarian relief…. Sahana is evolving beyond a simple ICT system to include some of the best practices in the application of ICT for disaster management.”

The full text of the foreword, preface and chapter on Sahana may be read here: Sahana Haiti Response Case Study

To read the full report, please visit the UNAPCICT website.