Taiwan Sahana Development Forum and SahanaCamp July 30-August 3, 2010

Taiwan Sahana Development Forum: The Science and Technology Advisory Group of the Executive Yuan / Ministry of Interior is sponsoring the Taiwan Sahana Development Forum on July 30, 2010 at the Howard International House in Taipei. Organized by the Institute for Information Industry (III) and supported by the Research Center for Information Technology Innovation at Academia Sinica, The Red Cross Society of the ROC and the Frontier Foundation, this one-day event is designed to introduce Sahana to multiple governmental agencies and jurisdictions in Taiwan, along with many charitable non-profit organizations involved in disaster relief. This forum is the result of a lot of hard work on the part of the Sahana Taiwan team, who has been working on fixing bugs, customizing Sahana to Taiwan’s needs, and completing a translation of Sahana Agasti over much of the past year.

Directors Chamindra de Silva, Darmendra Pradeeper and Gavin Treadgold are joining CEO Mark Prutsalis to represent the Sahana Software Foundation to speak to the expected audience of approximately 200 persons representing government, academia, industry and the non-profit sector. Read more at the Sahana Taiwan website

SahanaCamp 1.1: After attending SahanaCamp in Delhi, Hsiaojan Lui, the Project Manager for Sahana Taiwan wanted to repeat the event in Taiwan. Thanks to the support from Dr. Hsiao and sponsorship from the Research Center for Information Technology Innovation, Acadamia Sinica, Sahana Eden community members Michael Howden and Fran Boon will also be attending the Sahana Taiwan Development Forum and then facilitating SahanaCamp 1.1 from 31 July – 3 August. SahanaCamp 1.1 will be a opportunity for the Sahana Taiwan Team to go through Sahana Eden and simulate how it can be used in a disaster.