ISDR Asia Partnership: Disaster Risk Reduction Portal

The DRR Project Portal is a system for sharing information on all Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) initiatives in Asia and the Pacific for effective  coordination in the region.  By showing who is doing what where it aims to increase collaboration and cooperation on DRR programming between governments, donors and organizations in Asia and the Pacific.

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The DRR Project Portal is an initiative of the UNISDR Asia Partnership on Disaster Reduction (IAP) with funding support from the Asian Development Bank (ADP) and executed by the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC).  The Portal was developed using the Sahana Eden open source disaster management platform.  The Portal, first developed for sharing information on regional and multi-country DRR projects, is now being expanded to allow for the sharing of national and sub-national DRR projects as well.

Features and functions:

The features and functions of the DRR Project Portal which helps to identify gaps and overlaps in DRR programming include:

  • Project list – a searchable list including links to lead organizations and donors of the projects; projects can be entered by any user;
  • Customizable graphs and matrix reports – helping to visualize trends; graphs can be downloaded as images;
  • Interactive map showing DRR projects by country – risk layers such as tsunami risk can be shown on the map;
  • List of downloadable DRR frameworks, strategies and roadmaps;
  • ‘My Page’ where logged in users can save searches, graphs and maps, and subscribe to email updates.


Since its launch in October 2010, over 4,500 users have visited the DRR Project Portal from over 140 countries.  There are now over 750 current, completed and proposed DRR projects saved in the database, and 90 frameworks, strategies and roadmaps.

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