Get your Google Code In for Sahana

The Sahana Softtware Foundation is very happy to once again be a part of the Google Code In program. This is an opportunity for students from the ages of 13-17 to get involved in Open Source projects and work on tasks ranging from Code, Documentation, Training, Outreach, Research, Quality Assurance and User Interface design. We’re really lucky to have 15 members of the Sahana Community who have volunteered to be mentors for Google Code In and help students with their tasks.

If you’re interested in getting involved go to Sahana’s Google Code In Page to see what tasks you can work on for both the Sahana Eden and Sahana Vesuvius projects. Up for grabs is the grand prize of a trip to Google’s Mountain View California campus in 2013 for the 2 top students for Sahana (and every other project). We’ll be looking for the smartest, hardest working students who put in the extra effort that will really help the Sahana projects – if you think that’s you – get stuck in!

Good Luck!

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