Sahana Implementation Lab

COEblogImageSahana Implementation Lab uses the free and open source Sahana software to solve real-world humanitarian aid and disaster management challenges. The center innovates and deploys impact based disaster management tools; measured on ability to reduce the economic, life, and affected losses. It is a center for researching and developing Sahana DRR and DRM solutions that are useful, easy-to-use, and make economic sense. We, typically, support the deployments all throughout the design, build, test, and re-design agile approach. Our work saves lives and provides the Humanitarian ICT Community with valuable insights.


Other areas of Interest

  • Damage and Loss assessment (using alternative data streams)
  • Knowledge Mobilization (digitizing, processing, and sharing)
  • Live-exercises (simulations to test Disaster ICT interoperability)

Contact Us

Nuwan Waidyanatha, Sahana Software Foundation
Lutz Frommberger, Sahana Software Foundation