The Sahana Software Foundation’s Internship Program is no longer active, but we still welcome volunteers who are interested in making meaningful contributions to SSF’s projects.

If you’d like to volunteer, please do so by contacting the specific SSF project:

  • EDEN Codebase: Open source information and resource management application.
  • SSF OperationsMaintaining the SSF’s core organizational structures.
  • Disaster ResponseMobilizing the SSF Community to respond to disasters.
  • Research & Action: Studying disaster management challenges and implementing open source solutions.

In the past, the Sahana Software Foundation offered four types of internships, which you can read about below.

Software Developer Interns

If you want to learn more about the Sahana EDEN work on developing solutions which help people affected by disasters then this is your chance! During the internship you will be working on a variety of tasks such as supporting deployments, fixing bugs, writing tests, porting and refactoring code and your own small projects.

This internship is for people who are interested in getting more guidance and mentoring to help them. It is only available for existing contributors to Sahana EDEN, so if you are not already contributing, please look at how to get started.

Design Internships

These internships will suit someone with a background in user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design. Design interns will support the by evaluating the usability of the Sahana Eden project and improving the user experience of the software. Ideally this intern will also have experience in HTML, JS & CSS.

Communications Internships

These internships will suit someone with skills in communications, marketing or social media and who is interested in gaining more experience. Communications interns will support the Sahana Software Foundation by helping develop and implement our communications strategy, writing blog posts, creating promotional material, improving our documentation and helping to run our community meetings.  The Communications Internship runs throughout the year .

Disaster Management Research Internships

This internship will suit someone who is studying Disaster or Emergency Management. Disaster Management Research Interns will work with us to conduct research around Sahana to help us continue to develop the software to meet the changing needs of experts in the field. They will work with a number of experts in the Sahana community who have years of experience working with disaster management organizations and delivering technology solutions as well as having access to data on the use of Sahana. We’re looking for someone who will bring in fresh ideas and perspectives and help develop the scope of this internship. To be considered you much have a detailed research proposal. We’ll be flexible around designing this internship so that it could count towards course credit and would hope that you may be able to publish a paper coming out of it.


These internships are virtual, part-time and can be completed from intern’s residence or place of study or work, and are open to applicants from any country. The time commitment can be arranged around an individual’s full time academic studies or other employment, but should be no less than 4 hours per week. Interns will be given a variety of tasks, working with a number of different mentors from the Sahana community.

All Sahana Software Foundation interns will be required to:

  • Complete at least one well-defined task every month which will take an average of 16 hours per month.
  • Provide regular updates by e-mail or by blog post to the Sahana community.
  • Attend one of the monthly Sahana Community Calls and a monthly internship coordination meeting.

Upon the successful completion of a Sahana Software Foundation internship, each intern will receive:

  • A certificate of participation
  • A reference from the Sahana Software Foundation

As the Sahana Software Foundation is based on the voluntary contributions of our community of members, these internships are unpaid. We do offer mentoring from experienced community members, flexible working schedules, future opportunities for paid work and the opportunity to contribute to a humanitarian cause which has impacts around the world. However do not want an individual’s financial situation to exclude them from an internship opportunity, so a limited scholarship fund may be made available on a case-by-case basis. The scholarship will vary based on the individual situation of each intern.

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  1. I would like to know if there are any internship programs for undergraduates in software engineering


  2. I would like to know if there are any internship programs for UI/UX design.


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