SAHANA a mentoring organization for the 2013 Google Code-In

GCI logoGoogle’s Open Source Programs Office announced today that the Sahana Software Foundation has been named one of 10 mentoring organizations for the 2013 Google Code-In.

The Google Code-In is a contest that provides pre-university students with the opportunity to contribute to open source projects in five areas: code, documentation/training, outreach/research, quality assurance, and user interface.  For the Sahana Software Foundation, this is a true community-driven event that provides the opportunity for community members to share their skills and experience to work with students and get things done in a supportive and fun environment.

This year, our GCI program will be administered by 2013 GSOC student Vishrut Mehta, and 2011 & 2012 GSOC student./2013 GSOC mentor Ramindu Deshapriya.  They will be coordinating our task list and mentoring assignments.




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