Sahana News October 2013

Here’s the next installment of the month Sahana News for October 2013.

News and Announcements

First Virtual Eden Training Held. The first virtual Sahana Eden training for new developers was held on September 30th. We had over 20 persons in attendance and we’ve received great feedback and evaluations. All training materials – including a recording of the session – are available on our training page.  Stay tuned for news on when we’ll scheduled the next one!

Grace Hopper Open Source Day. On October 5, the Sahana Software Foundation participated in the Grace Hopper Open Source Day in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Many thanks to SSF Director Louiqa Raschid for leading our contingent, SSF Member Pat Tressel for being our lead onsite facilitator and University of Maryland undergraduate students Deonna Hodges, Naomi Wilcox and Aboli Kumthekar for assisting. More information about the event can be found on Louiqa’s blog post.

SSF CEO addresses Urgency of Reading Symposium. I just returned from Paris where I spoke at Bibliothèques Sans Frontières’ Urgency of Reading International Symposium.  This event was organized in part by former EUROSHA volunteer and SSF Communications Intern Marine Louvigny, who will be travelling soon to Burundi to arrange for BSF’s Ideas Box to be brought to refugee camps early next year.  Slides are below:

New Communications and Disaster Research Interns Announced. As part of the Sahana Software Foundation’s internship program, we awarded our year-long communications internship to Hannah Schwartz, and four-month disaster research internships to Om Goeckerman and Hanna Maier. See our announcement for more information.

Software Developer and Design Internships Starting Soon. We announced openings for our software development and design internships in late September.  The application period closed earlier this week. Decisions will soon be made with a target start date of the first of November.

Google Code-In. The Google Code-In is being held again this year. SSF Community members Ramindu Deshapriya (GSOC 2011 & 2012) and Vishrut Mehta (GSOC 2013) have volunteered to serve as our “admins”. They will be letting you know how you can help support this program – if we are selected – by mentoring and contributing task ideas.

Upcoming Events

SahanaCamp Vietnam October 29 in Hanoi. Fran Boon will be facilitating a day-long event to introduce practitioners and technologists to Sahana Eden. SahanaCamp Vietnam is scheduled to take place the day before an ISCRAM Asia Conference.

IOTX Lanka June 16-22, 2014 in Negombo and Colombo, Sri Lanka – SAVE THE DATE and plan to join us for a series of events commemorating the Indian Ocean Tsunami Xth Anniversary and focused on strengthening disaster planning and preparedness. Planned public events include an Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Workshop, ISCRAM Asia Conference, SahanaCamp Hackathon/Barcamp, a LirneASIA Public Lecture, and of course, the 2014 Sahana Annual General Meeting.

Sahana Software Foundation Projects

Los Angeles County Community Resilience Mapping Tool. Training is taking place this week and next in Los Angeles for the eight “coalitions” that are going to be using Sahana Eden for community resiliency mapping. I’ll share a report on outcomes next week.

NYC Prepared. Planning continue to deploy a Sahana Eden based platform to support NYC Prepared activities. There is information on the technology strategy on the NYC Prepared site. We’re going to be holding a face-to-face meetup in New York City next month to coordinate.

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That’s all for this month. As always, my inbox is always open. I look forward to hearing from you.


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