Sahana Accepts 11 Google Summer of Code Interns

soc-logo-300x200Google announced today the eleven (11) interns accepted by the Sahana Software Foundation (SSF) for the 2013 Google Summer of Code™.  SSF received many outstanding proposals this year from both new and returning interns and the competition for slots remained extremely high.

SSF accepted five students to work with our Sahana Eden project and six students to work with our Sahana Vesuvius project.

The following student proposals have been accepted for the 2013 Google Summer of Code™.  This list is in alphabetical order by family name and includes links to their project blueprints.  The first mentor listed is the primary technical mentor for the project.  

2013 Sahana Eden GSOC Internship Recipients:

Nikhil Goyal – Translation.  Nikhil is a third year student at IIIT, Hyderabad, India.  This project aims at improving the current support for translation functionality within Sahana Eden.  Mentored by Graeme Foster.

Somay Jain – Automatic Test Framework.  Somay is a second year student at IIIT, Hyderabad, India.  This project aims to provide robust testing of the codebase to ensure proper maintenance of the code, and is an extension of the work he was doing for SSF as a Sahana Eden software development intern during his internship with SSF from November 2012-March 2013.  Mentored by Michael Howden.

Hardik Juneja – Workflow Support.  Hardik is a first year student at the Jaypee Institute of Information Technology in Noida, India.  This project aims at adding better workflow support for Sahana Eden through the use of a wizard and multi-step form generator for different resources of Sahana Eden.  Mentored by Dominic König.

Vishrut Mehta – Search.  Vishrut is a second year student at IIIT, Hyderabad, India.  This project aims to enable users to search text and strings in uploaded reports and document stored within Sahana Eden.  This functionality may be extended to a global search.  Mentored by Pat Tressel.

Ashwyn Sharma – Message Parsing.  Ashwyn is a third year undergraduate at NSIT in New Delhi, India, a returning Sahana GSOC student from 2012, and a Sahana Eden software development intern from SSF’s own internship program from November 2012-March 2013.  This project is a continuation of his 2012 GSOC project to extend the capabilities of automated message processing from email, sms, twitter, RSS feeds and other sources.  Mentored by Fran Boon, Connie White.

2013 Sahana Vesuvius GSOC Internship Recipients:

Mohit Aggarwal – Simplifying ImageStats Code.  Mohit is a second year student at IIT, Delhi, India. This project aims to re-implement ImageStat as an open source application for image processing support for Vesuvius.  Mentored by Ajay Kanduru.

Kaushika Athukorala – Merge Kilauea and Vesuvius Trunks.  Kaushika is a third year student at the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka.  This project aims to merge Sahana Kilauea and Vesuvius, creating a more fully featured “person management” system, making the system easier to support and maintain, and adding features and enhancements to users of both current products.   Mentored by Ramindu Deshapriya, Alex Katechis.

Sneha Bhattacharya – Demo Instance(s) of Vesuvius.  Sneha ia a third year student at Netaji Subhash Engineering College in Kolkata, India.  The project aims at building a demo instance of Vesuvius on the Sahana Software Foundation’s infrastructure so that potential users of the software can test the system before deciding to launch their own site.  Mentored by Dilantha Silva, Louiqa Raschid.

Mayank Kumar Jain – Disaster Specific Resource Pages.  Mayank is a third year student at IIIT, Hyderabad, India.  This projects aims to develop an infrastructure to allow Vesuvius to support customizable disaster specific resource pages to be created, in association with multiple languages.  Mentored by Roshan Hewapathirana, Glenn Pearson, Louiqa Raschid.

Gurutarshan Nadarajah – Native Synchronization between Vesuvius Instances.  Gurutharshan is a fourth year student at the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka.  This project aims to enable synchronization between Vesuvius instances of missing and found persons data without the use of a Google Person Finder instance in the middle.  Mentored by Greg Miernicki.

Akila Perera – Portable App Dynamic Creation.  Akila is a fourth year student at the University of Colombo in Sri Lanka.  This project aims to create a portable app of Vesuvius that can directly launch from a flashdrive without any preconfiguration or setup required by the user to allow for offline access and entry of data.  Mentored by Chamindra de Silva.

* * * * *

We want to acknowledge our appreciation for the students whose applications we were not able to accept for GSOC this year.  We again had to reject several excellent proposals for many diverse reasons.  We are grateful for the time that these students put into their proposals and to get to know the Sahana Software Foundation as an organization and community, and we are glad to have had the opportunity to get to know all of them too.

We now offer many opportunities outside of GSOC for both students and non-students alike to contribute to and participate in the global Sahana community – including our own software development internship program which we plan to run again starting in the fall.  We hope that you will all stay involved, subscribe to our mailing lists, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and stay up to date on Sahana Software Foundation events through our website.

Finally, we must always thank the Google Open Source Programs Office for sponsoring and funding these internships, which provide us with a unique opportunity to grow our community and to make improvements in our life-saving and award winning software projects.

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