Sahana Accepts Seven for GSOC 2012

The Sahana Software Foundation is proud to announce the seven recipients of Google Summer of Code™ internships with Sahana’s Eden and Vesuvius Projects.

Competition for slots was extremely high this year.  We received a number of excellent proposals from several students who were already actively contributing code and ideas to the Sahana Software Foundation, who had participated with SSF in GSOC last year and during our recent Sahanathon.  We also had a number of high priority project ideas to support existing Sahana users, such as the CERT project ideas and improvements to our translation system for both Eden and Vesuvius projects.  These factors all went into our very difficult decisions about the seven students we decided to accept for this coming Google Summer of Code.

2012 Sahana GSOC Internship Recipients:

The following student proposals have been accepted for the 2012 Google Summer of Code™.   This list is in alphabetical order by family name.  The first mentor listed is the primary technical mentor for the project.  Other mentors listed are supporting, backup or domain mentors.  

Anubhav Aggarwal – Database Migration – Sahana Eden

Project Summary: This project will provide scripts to developers, allowing them to migrate or populate database data between revisions, and accommodating database schema changes made between revisions. Mentored by Pat Tressel and Fran Boon.

Ahmad Alinat – Export of Missing/Found Persons Info – Sahana Vesuvius

Project Summary:  This project will extend the current stats (reporting) module of Sahana Vesuvius to offer the underlying cumulative or de-identified data in various formats (e.g., XML, JSON, csv, Excel, KML, GeoRSS) and through various channels (e.g., SOAP and/or REST web services, rss/atom data feeds). Mentored by Glenn Pearson, Lan Le and Leif Neve.

Ramindu Deshapriya – Full Multiple Languages Support – Sahana Vesuvius

Project Summary:  Extension of 2011 GSOC Project to complete calibration and integration of Pootle and “Resource Page” translation frameworks with Sahana Vesuvius. Mentored by Greg Miernicki and Glenn Pearson.

Shashi Gowda – Common Alerting Protocol Broker – Sahana Eden

Project Summary: This project will develop the Emergency Data Exchange Language – Common Alerting Protocol (EDXL-CAP) Enabled Broker within Sahana Eden for delivering standardized alert/situational-awareness messages over the web, Atom, SMS, Twitter, and other channels. Mentored by Fran Boon and Nuwan Waidyanatha.

Vivek Hamirwasia – Upgrade Translation Functionality – Sahana Eden

Project Summary: This project aims to update the existing translate facility in Sahana Eden by identifying and extracting only the strings used in activated modules for translation. Mentored by Graeme Foster.

Bhaavan Merchant – CERT: Rostering – Sahana Eden

Project Summary: This project aims to create a roster tool for the CERT service that will allow volunteers to specify when they are available, and allow administrators to search for volunteers based on availability. Mentored by Dominic König.

Ashwyn Sharma – CERT: Parsing SMS Messages – Sahana Eden

Project Summary:  This project will parse inbound SMS messages to process responses to CERT deployment notifications. Mentored by Praneeth Bodduluri, Fran Boon and Pat Tressel.

 * * * * *

We also want to acknowledge our appreciation for the students whose applications we were not able to accept this year.  We had to reject several excellent proposals this year for many reasons, from having received better proposals for the same (or different) project ideas or for lack of an available mentor to match with a student, while other proposals simply didn’t meet our high standards. We are grateful for the time that these students put in to get to know us as an organization, and we are glad to have gotten to know them.

We offer many opportunities outside of GSOC for students and non-students alike to contribute to and participate in the global Sahana community.  We hope you will all stay involved, subscribe to our mailing lists, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and stay up to date on Sahana Software Foundation events through our website.

Finally, thanks to Google Open Source Programs Office for sponsoring and funding these internships, which provides us with a unique opportunity to grow our community and make improvements in our life-saving software projects.

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