IOTX Sri Lanka: Sahana Strategic Planning Workshop

I am happy to announce that Sahana Strategic Planning Workshop was conducted on 15 June 2014 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The workshop was attended by many members of the Sahana Software Foundation as well as some of the GSOC interns.

Sahana Team at Sahana Strategic Workshop


We kicked off workshop started with an ice breaker activity which got us thinking about how a disaster could affect us and various stakeholders who would be involved. There were discussions about meaning of Sahana for the community members as well as end users. We debated some of the ideas behind Sahana which helped gain insight into Sahana Software Foundation in its present state.

Sahana Strategic Planning Workshop in Progress

Various discussions ranged from SWOT( Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)  to the Vision for Sahana in the upcoming years. Various actions that need to be worked upon to improve the organization as a whole were discussed such as Sahana Sunflower, Sahana Eden 1.0 release and Sahana website.

Personally, the day had a huge importance for me since I could actually get better insights into the working of Sahana Software Foundation , being able to interact with the people I work with helped me to understand the community even better.

I would really like to thank Virtusa for hosting the event as well as Google and AidIQ for helping to cover the costs to get us there.

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