SahanaCamp & Sahana Conference, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 18-22nd June 2014

The Sahana Software Foundation is excited to invite participants for our upcoming SahanaCamp and Sahana Conference to be held in conjunction with the  Indian Ocean Tsunami 10th (IOTX) Anniversary convention in Colombo Sri Lanka between 18-22nd June.

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SahanaCamp Vietnam
SahanaCamp Vietnam

SahanaCamp will be a participatory workshop on the Sahana Disaster Management Information System. As a SahanaCamp IOTX participants you will:

  • Be introduced to real-world Sahana disaster management solutions

  • Get hands on experience using Sahana to manage information, gain situational awareness and make decisions in a disaster simulation.

  • Analyse of how Sahana could be used in your organisation

SahanaCamp Taiwan
SahanaCamp Taiwan

SahanaCamp is aimed at people working for a disaster management agencies and organizations or those involved in disaster management research. The Sahana Software Foundation has delivered SahanaCamp workshops in India, Vietnam, Lisbon, USA and Taiwan. They are opportunities to connect with other regional experts and share from the international experience of the Sahana Team.

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Sahana Conference

The Sahana Conference will combine the Sahana Software Foundation’s Annual General Meeting with community lead BarCamp sessions and social activities. This will be a is an time for member of the Sahana community to gathering together to collaborate, sharing experiences & ideas and plan ways to improve Sahana.

The Social activities will involve an exciting boat safari through the breathtaking marshlands of the Madu River, a tour of cinnamon production, which originated in Sri Lanka and a zoo where you will have the chance to meet ‘Doctor Fish’ that nibble at ankles and to pet and a live baby crocodiles!

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Other IOTX Events

SahanaCamp and Sahana Conference are both part of the IOTX Conference which includes a range of other events, including a CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) Codefest and the DRR Public Lecture. For more details please see:

Michael Howden
Director, Sahana Software Foundation

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