Welcome to 2014 Sahana Google Summer of Code Students!

The Sahana Software Foundation is proud to announce the eleven recipients of the 2014 Google Summer of Code internships with the Sahana Eden and Vesuvius Projects.


Competition for these slots was very high. We received many proposals including several from students who were already actively contributing code and ideas to the Sahana Software Foundation, or who had participated with Sahana in the Google Summer of Code last year. The quality of the proposal, student expertise and prior engagement, and the the potential payoff from a successful project were considered in making our selections. Many thanks to Michael Howden who will be coordinating the six students working on Sahana Eden and to Ramindu Deshapriya who will be coordinating the five students working on Sahana Vesuvius. This is the tenth year that Google has operated the Summer of Code and the ninth year that Sahana has been a part of this program. Many former students have moved on to become core developers as well as Sahana Software Foundation members and leadership.

2014 Sahana GSOC Internship Recipients:

This list is in alphabetical order by last/family name.
The first mentor listed is the primary technical mentor for the project. Other mentors listed are supporting, backup or domain mentors.

Chat In Sahana Eden
An efficient and secure chat implementation which is integrated into Sahana Eden.
Arnav Kumar Agrawal
Mentor: Graeme Foster

(Completion of) Vesuvius-Kilauea Merge
Sahana Kilauea is a product used in conjunction with Sahana Mayon by the City of New York. Since Mayon is a variant of Vesuvius, this project will merge modules from Kilauea in to the Vesuvius codebase to create a single product. This project was initiated as part of GSoC 2013.
Kaushika Rukshan Athukorala
Mentor: Yasitha Pandithawatta

Vesuvius Installer (Completion)
Complete a Vesuvius Installer module which will help users to configure Vesuvius without manually editing configurations files and creating initial databases from the back end.
Chanaka Dharmarathna
Mentor: Ramindu Deshapriya

Import Wizard for Missing and Found Persons
During disaster events, data is managed in many different formats predominantly spreadsheets. This project will create an import wizard for Vesuvius that will be able to import missing person structured data from such sources.
Mayank Jain
Mentors: Glenn Pearson and Greg Miernicki

Sahana Sunflower
Implement Sahana Sunflower as a Sahana Eden template that will be used by the Sahana Software Foundation (SSF) as a community management and coordination tool.
Somay Jain
Mentor: Michael Howden

GIS Module for Sahana DMU in Sri Lanka
Geographic information systems (GIS) are a vital capability for disaster management. This project will provide GIS interoperability with the Disaster Management Unit in Sri Lanka.
Milindu Sanoj Kumarage
Mentor: Ramindu Deshapriya and Roshan Hewapathirana

Enhancing the Sahana Eden CAP broker for Multi-agency Situational Awareness
Enhancing the Sahana Eden CAP broker for multi-agency situational awareness. Fixing previous issues and adding several other important features.
Ambar Mehrotra
Mentor: Pat Tressel

Deployment Tools for Sahana Eden
The aim of the project is to implement an application using Eden which makes it easier to deploy instances of Sahana Eden remotely on Amazon EC2 instances or Generic Linux Servers. The app may be used by deployers locally to create new deployments and may further be evolved to be used as a co-app that may be deployed along with the Eden instance to allow its configuration using a Web UI.
Gaurav Narula
Mentor: Fran Boon

Functional test suite using a robot framework
Create an automated testing suite using a robot framework which is configurable, easy to write, easy to maintain and provides detailed logs and reports.
Arnav Sharma
Mentor: Dominic König

Crisis Map on the Sahana Eden Platform
Develop a template for Eden to be used as a Crisis Mapping Platform, to allow incidents and related information to be mapped, and to develop Timeplay as an S3FilterWidget.
Hemant Kumar Singh
Mentor: Fran Boon

Deploying Vesuvius on Android Devices
Create an Android app to deploy a Vesuvius instance on the mobile device without the need for configuration. The instance can be accessed by any other Wi-Fi enabled device via a Wi-Fi hotspot created by the same device. Provide a mobile friendly theme for Vesuvius.
Viduranga Wijesooriya
Mentor: Akila Ravihansa Perera

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