SSF supports Hurricane Sandy response in NYC

The Sahana Software Foundation is assisting the City of New York in its use of Sahana software to manage its response to Hurricane Sandy.  The City’s Office of Emergency Management has been relying on Sahana software for its shelter management and registration programs since 2007.

We are currently assisting the City University of New York to provide help desk and application support for the shelters and evacuation centers using Sahana software for individual, family and staff registration.

If you are working in one of these sites and need help with the Sahana Registry Program, please visit our support page.


  1. Is this the Mayon, Eden or some other version? If its the Mayon version, is there a final published version, last I read it was still in development.


    1. The City actually used both Mayon (for assigning staff to shelters) prior to the storm – which is branded as the Sahana Resource Management Program by the City, and a new product called Kilauea (Sahana Registry Program) for registration of individuals, families and staff at City shelters. Kilauea is a fork of our Vesuvius product, and we have plans to re-merge the two as a more broadly functional client management system (missing/found/shelterees, etc.).

      We hope to have a version of Mayon for release soon as part of the Sahana Whole Product Solution developed by the City of New York for regional partnerships and other large cities in the US.

      Stay tuned!


  2. I am avaliable if you would like to discuss some of the problems with the [Sahana] product used with Hurricane Sandy.

    For instance.
    Our staff’s time line history’s were continually changing many times a day. I was even erroneously transferred to another facility.

    It would be nice to search staff based off of their languages spoken or special skills.

    The addition of client related individuals was somewhat error prone.

    Reports of clients show the main person’s name on the screen, but when you export it the main person’s name is a id/code.

    Among my computer and programming knowledge, I have experience with Debian, Apache, MySQL, Postgresql and Python.


    1. Hi Ken–

      It’s always great to get feedback. I’ll bring these items to the after-action meetings we have planned to capture such lessons. I was already aware that both staff and shelteree transfers are areas needing some improvement. I think organizing a specific user feedback session for people like yourself with hand-on experiencing using Sahana in the shelters would be valuable and I’ll suggest this to the City.

      We’re still neck deep in the response in the most affected communities while sheltering operations continue for those with no where else to go, so it may be a few weeks.

      Thanks again,

      [The product that was used in the shelters was a new product called Kilauea (branded as the Sahana Registry Program)].


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