Virtual Sahana Eden Training for New Developers Saturday November 23 @ 1700 UTC

Sahana EdenOur next Virtual Sahana Eden Training for New Developers will be Saturday, November 23 at 1700 UTC.

This program was designed for software developers who want to learn how to begin contributing code to Sahana Eden based solutions that support disaster management, emergency management and other humanitarian organizations. The training program will provide an orientation in the technologies that Sahana Eden uses, describe the architecture of the Sahana Eden codebase; identify the steps to install a Sahana Eden developer’s environment; explain how to share code on Git; provide information on where more information about the code can be found and how to communicate effectively with the Sahana community.

The program is planned for 75-90 minutes of instruction followed by 30-45 minutes for questions and answers.

This training is scheduled to best support participants in the 2013 Google Code-In who want to complete coding tasks with the Sahana Software Foundation. Attending the training will be considered a task for GCI upon completion of a short quiz on the content and a survey on the training.

But anyone interested is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Please register here to receive a link to the training:

Sahana Eden New Developer Trainings are held on a quarterly basis, scheduled to best engage new volunteers in support of planned Sahana project activities and events. Future trainings will be scheduled before the 2014 Google Summer of Code in March or April, and before the June Sahana Bar Camp in Colombo, Sri Lanka to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Indian Ocean Tsunami.

All sessions will be recorded and training materials will be available on our training page for those unable to attend the live sessions.


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