Introducing Sahana’s Google Summer of Code Interns

It is summer time again, and time for Google Summer of Code. Since Monday June 17, 2013, 11 students started coding for 12 weeks to improve two Sahana capabilities and develop new features. As introduced by Mark on May 27th on Sahana’s website, six students will work on Sahana Vesuvius and five on Sahana Eden.

Sahana Vesuvius is focused on family reunification and hospital triage to serve area hospitals, medical facilities and jurisdictions with a need to tie intake records with missing/found person reports submitted by the public. With a focus on missing person reporting and hospital triage management, the software will be improved thanks to the contribution of Mohit Aggarwal, Kaushika Athukorala, Sneha Bhattacharya, Mayank Kumar Jain, Gurutarshan Nadarajah and Akila Perera. The team will develop Vesuvius’ capabilities to make it easier to use and enhance its efficiency. Indeed, after GSoC, the software should provide an online demo for users, be more customizable to disaster specifics, faster, contain more features for missing person management and available via an application which wouldn’t require an internet connection or software pre-installation.

Let’s meet Mohit, one of our Vesuvius intern!

mohitName: Mohit Aggarwal
Age: 19
Nationality: Indian
Current Residence: New Delhi, India
Loves: Music, Guitar, Movies and programming
Personal blog
Mentor: Ajay Kanduru

Mission for Sahana: My current project for Sahana is to simplify ImageStats code in order to make it fully Open Source and Standalone. This will help me make the application open to other open source developers for improvement and added functionality.

Fun fact: Would want to do a world tour once in my life


Sahana Eden provides a broad range of solutions for Disaster Management practitioners to help them reduce the impact disasters have on our communities through tracking the needs of the affected populations & coordinating the responding agencies & their resources. With capabilities such as shelter management, mapping, project tracking, scenarios and events, human resources, etc, Sahana Eden’s features will be improved during the following weeks thanks to Nikhil Goyal, Somay Jain, Hardik Juneja, Vishrut Mehta and Ashwyn Sharma. Somay and Ashwyn were already interning for Sahana since last December and you may recall their presentations. The team will help Eden’s improvement to enhance translation functionality, codebase maintenance, user friendly environment, search functionalityand automated message processing. Let’s meet our Eden’s interns!

PhotoName: Nikhil Goyal
Age: 20
Nationality: Indian
Current Residence: 287-OBH IIIT Hyderabad, Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Loves: Online Gaming and Programming Contests
Personal blog:        —

Mentor: Graeme

Mission for Sahana: To contribute something to the world by making the Sahana-Eden Translation module as efficient and usable as I can.

Fun fact: I spent 3 hours thinking on what to write for a fun fact and came up with this. 😀


Name: Vishrut Mehtavishrut
Age: 20
Nationality: Indian
Current Residence:  Hyderabad, India
Loves: Linux, Software development, Cloud Computing, Drums ( In my college band called Cantor Dust ), Partying
Personal blog
Mentor:  Pat Tressel

Mission for Sahana:  My aim for GSoC will be to extend the functionality of current search by adding Full-Text Search, which will indeed search into the documents and provide suitable search results. The Search functionality could be extended to Global Search if time permits.

Fun fact: I Love Github and could not imagine my life without it.


538437_475476152467194_2048449060_nName: Hardik Juneja
Age: 18
Nationality: India
Current Residence:  Noida, India
Loves: Travelling, Food, Music (I am Bass Guitarist)
Personal blogMy Linkedin page
Mentor: Dominic König
Mission for Sahana:

 My aim for GSOC is to write quality code for Sahana Eden.
This Summer i will work to provide better Workflow Support for different resources of Sahana Eden.
Fun fact:

 I love playing guitar and listening to music, when in good mood and at peaceful place, I can play it all night and all day.


my_pictureName: Ashwyn Sharma
Age: 20
Nationality: Indian
Current Residence: New Dehli, India
Loves: Coding, Reading and watching sports
Mentor: Fran Boon

Mission for Sahana: To contribute as much code as I can 😉

Fun fact: I bought my first progrqmming book when I was 11

383635_10150611637604867_475652450_n(1)Name : Somay Jain
Age : 20
Nationality : Indian
Current Residence : Hyderabad
Loves : Playing Guitar, Keyboard, Travelling
Mentor : Michael Howden

Mission for Sahana : To be able to contribute as much as I can in any field to support this noble humanitarian mission. Given the fast movement of the code-base for Sahana Eden and the critical use during disasters, there is need to setup a robust testing framework. My aim for Sahana is creating this framework, which will test Eden on a daily basis and send the report via email.

Fun Fact : I am crazy about ice cream and can have any amount at any time of the day.

Thank you very much to all of them for the work they will achieve during the following weeks. We give you all our support and we are looking forward to see the results. Good luck!




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